Gardner Denver Hoists

The Tool House is now the only global source of factory authorized replacement parts for the entire Gardner Denver pneumatic hoist range! For more information on parts and availability, please call us at 1-800-829-4174 or email Lori Brookens with The Tool House.

Manifold Flow Safety Leakage

The Tool House buys Gardner Denver Hoist

In 2010, The Tool House, Inc. purchased the entire Gardner Denver Hoist parts inventory from The Apex Tool Group, formerly known as Cooper Tools, in an effort to support existing customers and the installed customer base for Gardner Denver hoists. Hoist parts are available for pneumatic Gardner Denver hoists ranging from 275 lbs to 4 tons. These consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Manifold
  • Pendant Controls
  • Stainless Steel Chain
  • Zinc Chain
  • Chain Collectors
  • Handle Assemblies

  • Hooks
  • Motors
  • Housings
  • Bearings
  • And Much More!

    Full Factory Repair and Replacement Service

    The Tool House is a MIL-I-45208A compliant manufacturer of all parts of the original Gardner Denver Hoist product lines. Parts are currently being manufactured to original equipment specifications.

    The Tool House does complete factory service on all Gardner Denver hoists. Send in your hoist for a repair analysis and receive:

    • Full disassembly and cleaning of all parts
    • Full inspection of all components (not just the broken part)
    • Detailed quote for repair
    • One year warranty on repairs made

    For more information on parts availability and delivery, please contact Lori Brookens , or call 262.796.1100.

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    For Return Material Authorization, contact Jon Todryk

    We are interested in your non moving Gardner Denver parts inventory. Please contact us if you have any parts available for purchase.

    Tools of the Highest Quality

    Gardner Denver Hoists are engineered to provide high productivity for virtually limitless applications. Each and every hoist is rigorously tested before it is shipped. You can be sure that every Gardner Denver hoist is manufactured to the highest standards.

    Hoists that are Flexible

    The wide range of hoists that are available from Gardner Denver means that every application requirement can be suited. Because of the limitless combinations of power, speed, weight, size mounting and materials - your hoist becomes as flexible in its application solutions as you need it to be.

    Hoists of Superior Design

    All our hoists are engineered to very high tolerances to ensure smooth running and long life. The option of the axial piston motor (made only by Gardner Denver) offers an extra standard of performance. Using less air than a rotary vane motor, the axial piston design adds high torque and smooth operation to a hoist that is powerful, relatively small, compact, economical and quiet. Another example of high quality engineering from Gardner Denver, designed to improve your efficiency.

    Advantages of Air Hoists

    When compared to electronic hoists, Gardner Denver air hoists offer many advantages in speed, weight, simplicity, spark resistance, and their ability to operate in adverse conditions. The speed of an air hoist is continually variable, allowing greater application flexibility. The weight can be 40-50% less, offering easier installation and greater portability.

    Air hoists do not create an electrical arc, are inherently spark-resistant, and do not pose a risk of electric shock if the operator is standing in water, or if the control cord is damaged. In addition, they have a much greater resistance to weather, dampness, dirt, dust, steam and sorrosive fumes, and have a longer duty cycle, higher tempurature tolerance, and do not require costly surge protectors in the event of a brownout.

    Together with these advantages, the Gardner Denver Air Hoist is a very well engineered unit designed and tested to provide long, trouble-free operation.

    Spark Resistant and Clean Room Hoists

    GD spark-resistant hoists featuring stainless steel chain and bronze upper and lower hooks, and trolleys featuring rubber bumpers and bronze wheels, are ideal for use in paint booths, grain elevators, munitions factories, and chemical tanks. With the addition of edible grease and a piped exhaust adapter, they can be used in clean room applications such as food processing, pharmaceuticals and textile environments.

    Hoist Overview

    Fueled by endless numbers of varying applications and the desire to provide greater flexibility, Gardner Denver offers an extensive list of hoist options and accessories. As you begin to define the hoist configuration which best suits your unique applications, utilize the criteria outlined here to obtain the optimum operator/hoist/task relationship.

    Mounting Options

    Hook Mount

    Although requiring more headroom than lug mounts, the flexibility of hook mounted hoists make them the more popular choice. Easier to hang and relocate, hook mounted hoists rotate at both the upper and lower hooks, allowing the operator greater flexibility when manipulating a load into a desired position or angle. In addition, many hook mounted hoists offer the option of link or roller chain, and when hung from the appropriate Gardner Denver trolley, allow horizontal movement of the load.

    Lug Mount

    The compact, low headroom design of lug mounted hoists make them ideal for applications where space is at a premium. This semi-permanent mount provides the greatest benefits in tight working situations where the non-rotating, non-swinging lug allows precise placement of the load. Lug mounted hoists are available with link chain only, to allow side movement of the load, and can be mounted on the appropriate Gardner Denver trolley for horizontal movement of the load.

    Trolley Mount

    For semi-permanent applications requiring horizontal load movement, trolley mounted hoists provide the greatest benefits. This compact, non-rotating configuration holds the load in constant alignment, as ball bearing constructed wheels provide smooth movement along the beam. Gardner Denver trolleys adapt to many "I" beam sizes and are offered in link chain only, to allow side movement of the load.

    Motor Options

    Rotary Vane

    The industry standard in air hoists, rotary vane motors provide an economical, easy to maintain solution for the majority of fast, rugged applications. The Gardner Denver 7, K5, and K1 series of easy to operate hoists incorporate rotary vane motors which can be removed without disturbing brakes, valving, or gearing, while highly reliable spring-loaded vanes insure immediate response after start.

    Axial Piston

    For applications where precise load control is essential, Gardner Denver offers the P1, P2, and P3 Series of axial piston hoists. These motors operate using multiple air driven pistons providing axial force; the force is converted to rotary motion through the use of a socket plate and driveshaft assembly, all within a small, compact package. Axial piston motors provide several advantages including precise load control, quiet operation, low air consumption, and greater resistance to adverse air conditions.

    Control Options


    Rope control provides a simple, direct link to the hoist control valve, allowing the operator to "feather" the operation of the hoist, making starts and stops more accurate and predictable. Because there are no moving parts, rope controls require minimum maintenance and are economical to replace.


    Gardner Denver hoist control pendants provide a versatile, one-handed method of hoist control. With varying length options, the operator can safely control both lifting and lowering of the hoist as well as horizontal movement of a hoistractor, from 5 to 25 feet away. With the required cable assembly, the pendant control provides a means for pulling a trolley, and the ergonomic handle design provides operator comfort while preventing accidental operation.

    Chain Options


    Link chain, with its relatively low cost, is available on all hoist models, and is practical for use in a wide variety of applications. Its capacity for rotation allows the operator to rotate the load slightly to assist with precise placement. For applications requiring rust and spark resistance, Gardner Denver offers zinc plated chain on all models of hoists, and stainless steel chain on hoists with capacities up to 3,000 lbs.


    For smoother operation and extended life, Gardner Denver offers roller chain on the K5, P1, and P2 series of hook mounted hoists. In addition, roller chain manufactured with stainless steel is available for applications requiring spark resistant or clean room operation.

    Single or Double Reeved

    Single Reeved

    When speed is of more importance than capacity, the single reeved hoist is the best choice. Through the direct connection of the lower hook to the chain, and then to the hoist, all available drive speed is transferred to the load.

    Double Reeved

    For extra lifitng capacity, the double reeved configuration increases the amount of weight the motor can lift. By routing the chain around a sprocket on the lower hook before connecting it to the hoist drive, lifting capacity is doubled. In turn, the speed of the lift is reduced by half. For heavy and sensitive loads, this slower action could be preferable.

    Hook Mount
    Lug Mount
    Trolley Mount
    Vane Motor
    Axial Piston
    Roller Chain
    Single and Double Reeved